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Building a Business Ain't Easy


Are you building an online business?

So am I!

Each week I plan on sharing the lessons that I’m learning so that you might learn right alongside me. I plan on sharing the good, the bad and the ugly. Hopefully the successes as well as the losses. I hope you will be my accountability partner and I can be yours.


Cuz guess what? Building an Online Business Ain't Easy! 


Just ask Pat Flynn, Cliff Ravenscraft, Amy Porterfield, Jill Stanton, Leslie Samuel, John Lee Dumas, Chalene Johnson and Darren Rowse. 

Jul 31, 2018


What Has Been My Toughest Challenge Being in a Mastermind Group?

Six months ago, I joined a paid mastermind group. Today I will reflect back on the parts that I have loved plus I’ll share the opportunities I’ve discovered.  What has been my toughest challenge? Oh yeah, I'll share that as well. 


Cuz Building an...

Jul 24, 2018


 A Look Back at the Past Year - Highlights & Lowlights

Can you believe it has been a year since the podcast started? In this episode, I'll take a look back at the past year and share what I see as my positive wins, things that went ok and those things that I see as opportunities & disappointments. Plus, I'll commit...

Jul 17, 2018


Jump-Starting the Business Again After Dealing with a Tragedy

Having Dealt with the death of my nephew last week, I found myself stuck and not moving forward with my two businesses. I realize that I can not keep this up and need to jump-start both my physical and online business. I'll talk about what I'm doing...

Jul 10, 2018


Working Through Tragedy and Loss

Pushing Thru the Tough Times of Life. With the recent loss of my nephew, the challenge of pushing through and working on my business has been a struggle. We all have times in our life when "going to work" just isn't always the best option. Time does heal, and sometimes we have to go...

Jul 3, 2018


 Falling Into Bad Habits

Are You Falling into Bad Habits as Your Build Your Online Business? It seems no matter how many hours you work or you plan for, bad habits seem to creep in the way to prevent you from true success. Some of them are dirty little secrets we hate to admit. I'll share my confession and I'm...