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Building a Business Ain't Easy


Are you building an online business?

So am I!

Each week I plan on sharing the lessons that I’m learning so that you might learn right alongside me. I plan on sharing the good, the bad and the ugly. Hopefully the successes as well as the losses. I hope you will be my accountability partner and I can be yours.


Cuz guess what? Building an Online Business Ain't Easy! 


Just ask Pat Flynn, Cliff Ravenscraft, Amy Porterfield, Jill Stanton, Leslie Samuel, John Lee Dumas, Chalene Johnson and Darren Rowse. 

Aug 22, 2017




Is Being an Introvert Hurting You in Your Online Business?

Do extroverts have an advantage over introverts when building an online business? Unfortunately, I do think that in some areas they do. Being an introvert by nature has caused a few challenges in my own journey. Especially when I know I need to get out there and talk to my target audience.

Are you struggling with balancing your introverted tendencies and goals you have for your business?  Let’s discuss.


Cuz Building an Online Business Ain’t Easy




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